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Special modifications for our customers

Our philosophy / ordering option

“As you get older, you come to a startling realization:Golfers wear those hideous clothes on purpose.” (Herb Caen journalist)

Yes - we do that - and not only on purpose, but also out of conviction!

There's no denying that clothes worn on the golf course are more colorful and crazier than those worn in everyday life. It is accepted and admired as an expression of the individuality of every golfer. We asked ourselves why this extravagance ends with the golf glove and is not consistently continued in this important utensil.

You can see the result of months of searching for the right producer who can integrate our design ideas into high-quality golf gloves here on our homepage.

As a continuation of this idea, there are now also polo-glove combinations with an identical design.

We deliberately decided against the anonymity of an online shop because it contradicts our ideas of customer contact. We don't want to hide somewhere in the imprint, but rather be actively written to or called by you if you have any questions or want to purchase our products.

As a passionate golf couple, we are not only on our home course, but also on dozens of other courses all year round. It doesn't matter with whom we play in a common flight, after two or three holes at the latest we are asked about our golf gloves and poloshirts. At the latest in the clubhouse we won new customers again.

In the beginning our friends became new customers and now customers become new friends again and again, this has confirmed us on our way!

If you are interested in our products, you will find all the data in the "Contact" section. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you!

Yvonne & Michael

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